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Whirlpool and Air-Spa Baths

Whirpool, Air-Spa and Light Systems

We can now fit customised Whirpool, Air-Spa and Underwater Light Systems to your bath. These can be fitted separately or in the combination of your choice. We use powerful pumps to give only the best Whirpool and Air-Spa experiences with the slimmest profile jets so the comfort of your bathing is not compromised.

Don't go for those dreadful Chinese fitted systems with bulky jets that will stick into your back and weak pumps that fail to move the water or air around your bath properly. With our British Fitted systems you will get the full experience. Treat yourself and pamper your body with our custom fitted systems.

Because we fit the systems ourselves in our warehouse based workshop you can choose the number and position of your whirlpool and air-spa jets as well as the colour and positioning of underwater lights if you want those as well.


A power packed 0.75 horse power pump sends jets of water shooting through your bath to give you that tactile body massage experience that you can only get with quality fittings. Ultra slimline fittings where you rest your back ensures your comfort as you bathe and relax. You choose how many jets you want and where you want them or we can advise you and show you the most popular arrangements.

Our whirlpool baths are built by experienced technicians to exacting standards and are thoroughly tested before being delivered to you. 

  • High quality V-Jet design 0.75hp water pump
  • Chrome plated fully directional jets
  • Thoughtfully placed controls
  • Premium grade fully reinforced 5mm acrylic and fibreglass baths
  • Supplied without tap holes (your plumber can easily drill them for you to suit your installation)


A powerful air pump sends jets of massaging bubbles up from the bottom of your bath through multiple ultra-slimline air release fittings that ensure you can bathe with comfort. Because we fit these ourselves you can have the final say on the number of air jets you want and we are always ready to give you expert advice.

Underwater Lighting

For the final luxury touch, turn the lights down low and enjoy relaxing ambience from underwater fitted coloured lighting. As with all our custom fitted systems you get to choose which top quality fittings you want and where you want them or take our expert advice. We are always happy to help.


Unless otherwise stated all baths are guaranteed for 25 years with a 10 year guarantee on pipework and a 2 year guarantee on pumps and electronics.