Local Leeds Showroom, Huge Warehouse full of Bathroom Bargains at Clearance Prices. Delivery nationwide and Free Local Delivery.

Huge Range of Bathroom Products

We have a great range of bathroom products, many are on the web site but many are not. To get some of the best bargains you need to come and see us or speak to us, so why not pay us a visit or give us a ring on 0113 276 1809 and tell us what you are looking for.

We have a huge warehouse, it's like that one at the end of the Indiana Jones film where they hide the ark of the covenant in a nondescript box in a huge warehouse full of nondescript boxes. But in our case we don't have any 'arks of the covenant' so if you want one of those try elsewhere. All we have is row upon row of bargain baths, showers and all things bathroom. So if that's what you're after you're in luck.

We are also experts at fitting whirlpool and air-spa systems. Out staff have decades of experience fitting high quality whirlpool and air-spa systems to baths. We fit such systems for some major brands and we can fit them for you too.

Find where we are.